Thursday, April 28, 2011

Too much to remember!

As many of you (probably all of you) know, there is a lot to remember to do and know these days and not enough hours in the day. Trying to remember EVERYTHING that you have to do gets overwhelming and is sometimes impossible. Some people turn to smart phones and organizers. Personally, I think my smart phone was a great investment. I definitely use it to keep track of things that I have to do. Particularly, I use the sticky note application. Other people use calendars and other organizers to keep track of everything. This is also a good option. However, what if you forget your calendar at home? What if you can not afford a smart phone or you can't use it in school?

An alternative to those options is creating an online to-do list! There are plenty of sites that let you create free accounts that you can access from any computer or browser. Since everyone is very busy these days, this is a very convenient tool. There are plenty of options out there to create an online to-do list. Some of them include:
  • Strike App
  • Ta-da List
  • Wipee List
  • Squareleaf
  • Sticky Screen
These are just some of the more popular options available. Personally, I think Squareleaf and Sticky Screen are great because you can arrange different post-it notes. Strike App is another one that is very simple and easy to manage by just "x-ing" out the things that are done.


  1. Thanks Anthony - I'm a list making maniac. I have to admit I have trouble envisioning leaving behind my paper and pen list but I'm interested in exploring these tools - thanks.

  2. I also love stickies...I use it on my Macbook Pro to keep track of everything I have to do. I just downloaded TO DO LIST on my android, but havent used it yet. I'm looking forward to getting my life in order after this semester. I also downloaded Evernote on my android today, thinking that it might be a better way for me to take notes at a meeting/class, etc. than all the pieces of paper I have in front of me right now!